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TransGas Converts Coal into Fertilizers

TransGas develops projects that employ clean coal gasification technology to convert coal into high valuable nitrogenous fertilizers Clean Coal to Nitrogenous Fertilizers Process TransGas also employs the well-proven clean coal gasification to convert coal into ammonia and then urea, the main component of nitrogenous fertilizers. The TransGas’ technology partners have [...]

Mingo County Coal to Gasoline Project

Mingo County Coal to Gasoline Project CBN story on TransGas' Mingo County Coal to Gasoline Project, narrated by Caitlin Burke What Clean Coal to Gasoline can mean for the USA and the World? The Adams Fork Energy, LLC project is a $3 billion facility located on approximately 150 acres [...]

Reconstructing the Farragut Substation & Hudson Avenue Steam Plant – GIS

Reconstructing the Farragut Substation and Hudson Avenue Steam Plant Infrastructure that would transform Brooklyn’s environmentally distressed industrial area into a cleaner, more enjoyable area for local residents which is also disaster and terrorist proof. Adam Victor’s Vision for Reconstructing the Farragut Substation and Hudson Avenue Steam Plant to [...]

Adam Victor Visits Brazil to Discuss Coal Gasification

TransGas Brazil - A leading energy market Since 2013, TransGas has been working with Brazil in the development of a clean coal gasification project. Brazil is one of the most promising energy markets in the world. An emerging superpower with a diversified and robust economy, Brazil has seen its energy [...]

Adam Victor interviews Pervez Said on Islamic Banking

Adam Victor interviews Pervez Said on Islamic Banking Could Islamic Banking have Prevented the 2008 Bank Bailout? In 2012 Mr. Adam Victor spoke with a leading expert on Islamic banking and discovered that following the rules of Islamic banking cold have perhaps prevented the 2008 banking scandal that ended up costing tax payers [...]

Gasification Project – Puertollano, Spain – Defunct

Gasification Project - Puertollano, Spain Coal Gasification TransGas uses proven Uhde PRENFLO® Coal Gasification technology. The PRENFLO® operation in Puertollano, Spain, is the world's largest solid-fuel-based International Green Construction Code (IGCC) power plant. Adams Fork Energy located in Mingo County, West Virginia, will use this Coal Gasification technology to convert 7,500 [...]

Adam Victor on the Blackout 2012

Adam Victor on the Blackout 2012 What impact does a city wide blackout have? In this video Adam Victor takes a tour of New York City during the 2012 blackout. As you can see all the stores are close down, security crews need to be out in full force, [...]

TransGas Energy Systems Cogeneration Facility

TransGas Energy Systems Cogeneration Facility TransGas Energy Systems' proposed Cogeneration Facility will produce energy that is more efficient than the existing facilities in New York City. This operation is estimated to bring an investment of over $1 billion of private sector funding to the East River waterfront. The plant [...]

The Process

The Process – Turning Coal into Gas - Using Proven Technology The coal-to-gasoline & coal-to-nitrogenous fertilizer processes TransGas develops projects that use well-proven clean coal gasification technology, chemical transformation of coal into nitrogenous fertilizer, liquid fuels and industrial gases. Our projects do not use traditional combustion or coal burning. [...]

Adam Victor Visits Pakistan

Adam Victor Visits Pakistan Businessman Adam Victor visits Pakistan to discuss the possibilities for the development of coal gasification plant. The development opportunity with the most maturity is TransGas Pakistan Ltd. Pakistan has few energy resources and must depend upon imports to much a greater extent than the USA. In addition [...]